What is it all about?

The Global Graduate Program is our 2-year international development program that combines a real job from day one with structured development through an on-going focus on learning and training. You’ll be given responsibility and your own projects from the beginning, allowing you to develop your career with support at every stage of the process, including on-going feedback and coaching. It will give you a chance to make an impact on our business and, ultimately, set you up for a successful career ahead.

You’ll join one of our Northern European teams and through four rotations, including an international assignment, you’ll discover how our various departments work and learn about the role you will play. You’ll gain fantastic insights into the business: from our factory operations to the products we sell, the markets we operate in, the organizations we compete with and, most important of all, our consumers.

About your development
We don’t believe in hand-holding at BAT. It’s down to you to take the initiative when it comes to your career. 70% of your learning and development will be on the job. 20% will be through coaches, mentors and colleagues. And the final 10% will be formal training, BAT Academy. At BAT Acadamy, you’ll meet up with fellow Graduates and senior colleagues from across the globe in the heart of the English countryside and at international trainings.

About your impact
You will have an impactful start and a busy year ahead. You’ll have a real commercial job from day one and prove that you can deliver results at the frontline of our business.

Meeting consumers’ needs sits at the heart of what we do. Which is why it’s so important that you learn what this part of the business is about and prove you understand the challenges and opportunities of the people who work in these roles.The specific role will vary depending on the functional area you join. But whatever your position, you’ll gain a vast amount of practical, hands-on experience in an incredibly short space of time.

Make no mistake, though you’ll be new to the business, these first few months will be more than just a learning exercise.

About your future
We’re serious about putting you on the right career path, and consider our Global Graduate Program as a stepping-stone to bigger and better things. Of course, no two careers are the same, but here’s an outline of how you could expect to progress over the next five years.

Global Graduate Program
Build your understanding of consumers, your functional skills and practical hands-on experience

Junior Manager
Sharpen your functional and leadership capabilities, while developing a deeper understanding of consumers

By now, your functional skills and management capabilities will mark you out as a true business leader.

Open positions

Our next batch of Global Graduates will be found in January 2020.

Meet Danique van Burken