Frederik’s experience as a Global Graduate

Hi there! If you are reading this, you might be a future Global Graduate at British American Tobacco. If not, then you might be inspired to join BAT after reading this.

My name is Frederik, and I am a Global Graduate in HR in the Northern Europe Area of BAT. What does that mean? Well, it means that we are working with the Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Dutch markets.
It has been a great experience working cross borders and engaging with stakeholders not only in my daily office (I am currently working from the office in Copenhagen), but also working with colleagues in Oslo, Norway—that I had the pleasure of visiting earlier this year because of some project working—engaging with stakeholders in Malmö, Sweden—that I visited in the beginning of my graduate program, and in Amsterdam, Netherlands, that I also visited in the fall of 2018.

Many companies promise that you will get an international career but then only lets you speak to other countries through Skype, but BAT priorities that you meet the people you work with face to face and provides you the opportunity to do projects together. Since we are working across borders in NEA, this is very important.
Many of you reading this might be interested in getting one of our Global Graduate Marketing positions, and you might think that you can’t use the experience of an HR Graduate for anything. But that is where you are wrong.

In BAT, HR is a hugely appreciated function. We value our employees as the most important resource. One of our most important tasks as an HR function is to recruit and retain the most talented profiles available.
In my first rotation, I have worked with talent attraction. We managed to build this beautiful career site and engage our employees to write blog posts and by that share their experience in BAT. That demanded a lot of cross functional work. The great thing about doing cross functional work in BAT is that everyone is ready to help whether it is shooting a small video or spending three hours on a photoshoot. If it creates value for the organization people are ready.

Another great thing in BAT HR is the focus on developing (and by that retaining 😉) our employees. We do not only have training and development opportunities for graduates, but for all employees. We want to develop the best people and get the most out of all our employees. That is very easy to say, I know, but in BAT, we don’t just say it, we live it! Let me give you an example: I have one coach and one mentor now that are senior managers in the organization. They are there for me, when I need to discuss anything that I find relevant whether it is feedback on a presentation, creating a business case or just how to manage my manager.

I did also mention something about trainings and yes, we have “courses” as well. In the next four months, I will be certified in employer branding, attend our Global Graduate Academy (two weeks training in London with all the other BAT graduates from around the world) and attend several local courses such as Leading Self and Presentation Essentials. I think you get what I said earlier – we don’t just say it, we live it!

By now you are hopefully convinced that HR is important in BAT. It is important if you are a Global Graduate in Marketing, Operations or any other function, and it will stay important for you throughout your career with BAT. And yes, whether I look forward to being part of HR – of course! What is there not to look forward to and be excited about!