British American Tobacco Talent Hunt

The British American Tobacco Talent Hunt is a case competition for students and recent graduates across Northern Europe. BAT Talent Hunt offers a real-life experience of the challenges of working in a controversial business. It is a unique opportunity for you to influence one of the biggest FMCG companies in the world and get your ideas evaluated by the top management of British American Tobacco Northern European Area. You will work closely with other talented students and employees at BAT while your case solving and presentation skills will be strengthened.

Altogether BAT Talent Hunt will give you an insight into a highly challenging work environment and you get the chance to brand yourself as a potential future employee at British American Tobacco.


All students who are on the winning team will win the amazing prize of a 5000 DKK travel voucher each. In addition, the five very best performing studentsnot necessarily on the winning teamwill be invited for an interview regarding entry opportunities at British American Tobacco.

How does it work?

All participants are divided into different teams based on their different qualities, and within a twelve hour period, the teams have to compete in creating the best possible answer to a given business-related issue. The competition works like a role play. The assumption is that the participants are hired as consultants and present a solution which takes the given challenges into consideration, such as those of a strategic, financial or marketing nature. The case represents as realistic a presentation of a real-life situation as possible.

All teams present in front of a jury of employees from British American Tobacco. The two best teams are then selected and have to present in front of British American Tobacco’s top management team, including the General Manager. The top management team will then choose the winning team.

The only thing you need to bring is your laptop. We will provide the rest. This includes all meals, snacks and beverages throughout the competition including an award dinner with the top management team. If you are participating from abroad or outside of Copenhagen, we will cover all transportation expenses as well as accommodation.

When is this year’s case competition?

This year’s case competition took place in October at our Northern headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our next case competition will be held in fall 2019. The official date is still to be announced.

Who can participate?

In order to to participate in the case competition, you need to be a third year undergraduate student or a graduate student within marketing, communications or finance. As this case competition is held by British American Tobacco Northern European Area, we only accept students who study in the following countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

We also do accept applications from individuals who have recently graduated. All applicants must sign up individually and will be matched into teams of according to competencies, ensuring multidisciplinary representation in each team. The case competition will be held in English. Therefore, you need to be confident speaking English.

How do I apply?

We currently do not accept applications. Applications for our case competition in October 2019 will open in the fall.

Meet Jakob Bollerup

Jakob Bollerup’s story is a true example of what a case competition can do for your career. Jakob participated in BAT Talent Hunt. After that he chose to become a Global Graduate in Marketing. Today, he has come far in his career, and works as Head of Field Force. Jakob is not the only example. At BAT, we’ve had several participants (not necessarily winners) who have landed a job afterwards.  BAT Talent Hunt truly opens doors.